Groups and Teams

Abominable has partnered with a variety of businesses, groups and clubs around town who are interested in forming large teams and representing at the event!

If you are a member of one of these organizations, take advantage of the group discount below when registering.  Also please note that anyone can form a team of 2 or more to participate which right away saves you and your teammates $5 on entry!

Honesty please!
We will be following up with group leaders to make sure that you are actually a member of the group you register with using the code.

Are you a business owner or group/club admin interested in bringing up a large team to participate in the event? 
Shoot us a message to: and we can get you setup on this page and with a discount code for you to share too!

Partner groups and businesses: 
Manic Training:  Join the Manic Training team and use the code MANICTEAM to save $15 on entry!
Colorado Obstacle Racers:  Join the Colorado Obstacle Racers team and use the code WINTERCOR to save $15 on entry!
Life’s 2 Short Fitness:  Join the L2S team and then use the code L2SWOMEN to save $15 on entry!
CrossFit Breckenridge: Join the CrossFit Breckenridge team and then use the code CFBDISCOUNT to save $15 on entry!

Military discount: Active military officers, veterans and their family members can all save 20% on entry (on top of any team you form or join) with the code:  MILITARY


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