What are Abominable Events?

Our events were started to bring winter events to the mainstream.  Cold, crisp air and a pounding heart shouldn’t just be enjoyed by the minority.  We know if we make fun, challenging, unique events in the Rocky Mountain region that people will start to come out in droves.  And once you get a taste of winter, you’ll be hooked.

3_00507Our Mission:

We believe the reason so many don’t take the first step to get out and snow shoe, cross country ski, ride a fat-bike or just adventure in the mountains during the winter is a lack of knowledge and intimidation of the unknown.  Our mission is to make these endeavors more prevalent and accessible to the masses.

When and where are Abominable Events?

February 3rd, 2018.  Camp Como is at an elevation 10,125 feet, so be prepared for some thin air along with the challenge of the elements.

Will there be Yeti’s?

What, Yeti’s?!?  Hey, this is taking place in the majestic and mysterious Rocky Mountains in the dead of winter.  You never know what might chase you out there.  On another note, paying homage to the unbelievable creatures is up to you;)

abominable-shannon-gray.com-22.jpgWhat is the course like?

All of our courses are unique, challenging, and designed by athletes that know what you need!   Expect steep inclines, deep snow, thick forests, and other surprises along the way.

Last year’s course included sections where participants hauled heavy logs, crawled through a 60 foot long snow tunnel and sledded down steep hills.  Expect more fun and challenging obstacles this year!

Participants need to bring their own sleds for our famous “slunning” section.

Where do I register?

Click on the yeti below to go straight to registration. Or click HERE for more information on the the Adventure run page.


How do I volunteer for an Abominable Event?

Email us at abominableevents@gmail.com

10635976_849698138427510_4639831242011000386_n.jpgAre strollers allowed?

As much as we would like to see you try this, NO!  Too rough and strollers don’t typically do well in the snow.  Feel free to bring your little Yeti’s to cheer you on though!

Are dogs allowed?


What is the finish like?

Stick around for hot cocoa, coffee, Yeti awards and more sledding.

Make a weekend out of it, Fairplay has tons of lodging options and Breckenridge is less than 30 minutes away.  Try some fun winter activities like snowmobiling, dog sledding, cross country skiing and more.  Learn more HERE. 

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