Fat Bike ride and demos

scenic-fatbike.jpgSeen those bikes around town or on the trails with the massive tires?   Thanks to Pedal of Littleton, you will have the opportunity to try the newest, fastest growing segment of mountain biking.

Fatbiking is something you just must experience, especially if you are a winter sports enthusiast.  You think gliding on skis or a snowboard on fresh powder is thrilling?  Just wait till you get a taste of fatbiking, you won’t want to let go of those handlebars!

Pedal of Littleton is going to be in attendance with fatbike demos available for people to ride. If you, your friends, your spouse, or your kids are looking for a great time on a new style of bikes that fits tires up to 5 inches wide, now is your chance. Fatbikes have changed cyclists minds and expanded their riding season to all year round. They’re perfect for snow, sand, and any other terrain not suitable for regular bikes in all weather and trail conditions.

We will be organizing several FREE group rides and there are miles and miles of roads and trails at Camp Como to ride (bring your own ride if you have one or demo one from Pedal), stay tuned for more details and ride schedule.

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